Killing Floor 2

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Lose Your Way In Killing Floor 2's New Black Forest Map; Map Mod Support
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Lose Your Way In Killing Floor 2's New Black Forest Map; Map Mod Support

Finally, something to thin out the aggressive bear population.

Sometimes, you just need to step away from your desk, put down your controller, and wander into the Great Outdoors. Take in the fresh air, bathe in nature, and be sure to watch for out for those hideous, shambling ZEDs that infest the wilds. Oh, you didn't know about the zombies? Yeah. Apparently, "outside" is pretty dangerous. Just a heads up.

Killing Floor 2 is planning to release a brand new map with its next update, glorifying the untouched, zombie-filled landscape of the Black Forest. Looks like the ZEDs all got tired of wandering around refinement facilities and laboratories and headed outside to chill. Maybe they just needed some quiet, calm reflection amid the horrifying zombie apocalypse. I don't know. I've no idea what goes on inside a clone's head, aside from "I'd love to rip someone's arms and/or legs off."

The map itself takes place in the depths of the forest, where players are tasked to "find something." That something is probably zombie clones, which you will most likely be charged with dispatching by any means necessary. A little more variety for any KF2 fan, to be sure.

Tripwire Interactive is also in the process of upgrading the mod tools for Steam through Steam Workshop. The original Killing Floor's user-made maps were pretty killer, and helped keep the game fresh through the many years of play. My rabid soccer fan/commando guy blasted many a ZED on just about every location imaginable, from the depths of space to a surprisingly well-defended field of marijuana. Additional mod support might give Killing Floor 2 the long legs of its predecessor.