Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Two 5 Star Games Free this September on Games with Gold
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Two 5 Star Games Free this September on Games with Gold

Monaco, Halo Reach and more Crimson Dragon

Towards the end of the month I only have one thing on my mind; what do I get free next month with Games with Gold?  There has been a veritable co-opathon with this 360/One scheme and that is set to continue this September with three out of the four games featuring co-op.

What games you ask?  Well, for Xbox One owners they get another month to get the 3 player co-op Crimson Dragon for free (more cop-out than co-op), but also get the solo experience Super Time Force as well.

360 owners actually get the better of the deals this month; the magnificent 4 player co-op Monaco: What's Your is Mine is available from September 1 till 15th.  We gave that game the illusive 5 out of 5 for co-op.  Now that even more players will have the game the online community should be brilliant.

But there is more, between September 16-30th you can also get your hands on Halo: Reach, another 5 out of 5 game.  That means you can get 10 stars for zilch, that is as long as you have an active Gold account.