Ghostbusters: The Video Game

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
"Horde" - see: Left 4 Dead, Gears of War 2, or...Ghostbusters?
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"Horde" - see: Left 4 Dead, Gears of War 2, or...Ghostbusters?

Pronunciation: \ˈhȯrd\
Function: noun
1 a:
a political subdivision of central Asian nomads b: a people or tribe of nomadic life
2: a teeming crowd or throng :swarm
3: a five-player co-op mode to which all others are compared

Thanks to a tip from user rafoca, we've suddenly become even more intrigued by the mysterious four-player co-op gameplay that has been promised for Ghostbusters: The Video Game, ETA June 19th.


Gaming Target's sharp eye caught this tidbit:

In addition to the single-player story, Ghostbusters is going to sport a cooperative multiplayer mode. While details are still scarce, reported that, “One dev suggested that it will be not entirely dissimilar to Gears of War 2's Horde mode.”

Wait...what ? I missed something cool -- why didn't you wake me up?!

Oh, I see: this isn't confirmed. Well, it sure serves as a wake-up call to those of us that had let Ghostbusters slip off of our daily hype routine.

Stay frosty, fellow hunters.