Can You Survive the New Far Cry 4 Trailers?
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Can You Survive the New Far Cry 4 Trailers?

What's so special about this edition?

Its that time of year again that the backlog starts building up as co-op game after co-op game is released for the holiday season.  You better make room on your shelf come November 18 as you can not only pick up Far Cry 4, but the Kyrat Edition that comes with a 20 inch model.

With the game coming soon Ubisoft are launching trailer at a decent rate.  First up is a trailer all about the Kyrat Edition that contains; a model, a poster, a map, a journal, and some limited edition DLC.  Almost forgot - the pack also contains the game!

If that was not enough trailer for one day, hows about one that sets the mood for the game?  The Survive Kyrat trailer shows off some of the vistas that the game will provide, but also some of the dangers.  It has to be said that the game is looking amazing:

Far Cry 4 is available on PS3, PS4, One, 360 and PC from 18th November.  Many of the missions are single player only, but you can invite a pal into your game to wreak havoc in the world as a whole.

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