Farming Simulator 15

  • Online Co-Op: 16 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 16 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Check Out This Whimsical Launch Trailer for Farming Simulator 15
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Check Out This Whimsical Launch Trailer for Farming Simulator 15

I heard the kids love this new "Indie" music.

And lo, after many weeks of teasing us pitiful mortals with trailer after trailer, Farming Simulator 15 has finally deemed us worthy of its grace, mercy, and new woodcutting feature.  It has marked this glorious occasion by way of one final "launch trailer" so that we may gaze upon its glistening fertilizer spreaders to the tune of indie folk music.  

The added features, which we know deep down that we do not deserve, include a new Nordic environment and 20 new brands of farming equipment ranging from Ponsse to Deutz-Fahr.  The agricultural acolytes, known to us as Giants Software, have already released a number of videos detailing new additions to the bi-yearly franchise, which culminate here:

"But what does all this mean to us co-op enthusiasts?" came the cry from the masses.  A whopping 16 player co-op mode, that's what!  By expanding on Farming Simulator 2013's 10 player co-op, the developers have now provided the option to add 6 more of our tractor-crazed friends to the proverbial "fields of plenty".  That's not all, though.  Farming Simulator 15 also promises to provide "limitless new content:  new vehicles, tools, and even new environments!" via its modding community.  Its predecessor, Farming Simulator 13, had an impressive number of DLC packs and player-made mods, so we can only assume that Giants will improve on what already looks to be a sizable amount of gameplay options for this year's iteration.

After getting all worked up from the launch trailer, it's okay if you're having a tough time imagining what wacky antics you and 15 friends could possibly get up to.  "Lack of antics" is a pretty common issue for farmers worldwide, I'm assuming.  That's why I've put together a brief list of ideas for you to present to your suspenders-wearing brethren.

  1. Tractor wheelie party
  2. "How much wheat can you fit in your mouth" competitions
  3. Racing to wake up the earliest
  4. Figuring out how on earth you hitch a trailer

Take these hallowed suggestions, and godspeed!