Tune In To Radio Free Kyrat and The Far Cry 4 Launch Trailer
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Tune In To Radio Free Kyrat and The Far Cry 4 Launch Trailer

Coming to you live from spectacular Kyrat!

November 18th and the release of Far Cry 4 are barreling towards us like a hungry tiger diving at a particularly chubby soldier, and DJ Rabi Ray Rana wants to make sure you've got the skills to survive in perilous Kyrat. Rana's here to impart his wisdom about the treacherous region, as well as some pretty invasive personal info on our main man Arjay. 

Here's Rana, taking eight minutes out of his air time to give you the lowdown.

Capturing outposts. Hunting critters for pelts. Customizing your character to fit your specific playstyle. Yep, it's a Far Cry game alright.

Hurk makes his return from the jungles of Far Cry 3 as a playable character in Far Cry 4 to help Ajay out when things get too hot. Hurk is also the key to co-op play, with the second player taking control of this bewilderingly well-traveled redneck to wreck some 'Murrican havoc all over Kyrat.

If the format of that video looked familiar, it's because Ubisoft issued another one in the same vein for Assassin's Creed Unity just last week. With so much negative press ACU's gotten since launch, we'll have to see what kind of shape Far Cry 4 lands in. Personally, I'm pretty pumped about getting in there and knifing my way through ranks of faux-Gurkha soldiers and bringing stability to the land.