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Next Week's Dragon Age Inquisition Pre-Order Deals Dissected
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Next Week's Dragon Age Inquisition Pre-Order Deals Dissected

It's enchantment time!

Calling all BioWare RPG and co-op nerds! Next week Tuesday's highly anticipated release Dragon Age: Inquisition will finally debut for the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. All platforms are priced at the standard $59.99 but even though the new Dragon Age is an AAA, there are a few discounts and bonus offers you can catch this weekend prior to its launch.

Here's the TL:DR; Deals:

For the PC:

For the Xbox One:

PlayStation/360 gamers - Sorry guys, no deals or incentives are available from any legitimate retailers as far as we can tell :(

PC Gamers can opt for the discount at GMG, a popular digital retailer. Inquisition gets a discount of?$8 in the US, €10 in the UK, and 10€ in the EU. The discount at GMG is part of their "VIP" sale where you're required to login or create an account on this page in order to see the discount.

We've confirmed that - GMG is sending out keys as of writing, so you can redeem?them on Origin and begin pre-loading the ~23GB download.

Xbox One gamers don't have an outright discount per se, but there is a decent pre-order bonus to be found online at the Microsoft Store. Pre-ordering through them gets you either a $10 Xbox Gift Code or an even better $15 in Xbox Live Rewards points redeemable on your Xbox Live account.

In order to claim the better $15 bonus, you'll need your Microsoft Store account and your Xbox Live account emails to match up AND you'll have to be an Xbox Live Rewards member (free sign up here).

Other Platforms are simply out of luck at this point. No major retailer is offering a unique bonus or discount. A stretch would be Best Buy, who is offering a $10 off the game guide when you pre-order through them. I guess that beast no bonus at all, but is not much in the grand scheme and we wouldn't bother unless you're already a Best Buy Unlocked rewards member.

Pre-Order Bonus DLC

Regardless of the platform you buy for and the retailer, Dragon Age Inquisition comes with "The Flames of the Inquisition" DLC pre-order bonus. This gets you a set of weapons and armor.

Deluxe Edition Deals

Die hard Dragon Age fans might consider upgrading to the "Deluxe Edition" for $69.99. No known discounts or unique bonuses exist, but PC gamers should note that Origin has a monopoly on the Deluxe Edition, and you can only buy it through them (can't really go 3rd party retailer for this one). Deluxe comes with the following bonus items:

  • Skyhold Throne - Fashioned from an ancient dragon skull.
  • Red Hart Halla - Fast Travel Beast
  • Bog Unicorn - Mount
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Special Multi-class Weapons
  • Inquisitor Armor
  • Armored Mount
  • Additional bonus content, yet to be announced

Dragon Age Inquisition releases on November 18th. With the review embargo lifted earlier this week, a flood of almost unanimously positive critic reviews have come down the pipe. Unless you're a die hard Dragon Age fan, you should probably read one or two before making a pre-order purchase - but fortunately this year's Dragon Age looks to be good one.