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House of the Dead Overkill Impressions [NYCC]

Sega's booth was one of the most active on the NY Comic Con show floor.  Whether that's because they were giving out free t-shirts, or because they had a ton of great games...well that's yet to be seen.  Buried deep within the confines of the booth, hidden behind zombies giving out comics and hugs...yes zombie hugs...was House of the Dead Overkill.  The game is a two player co-op shooter for the Wii, and it's the first House of the Dead game that isn't based on an arcade title.

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Dragon Age Hands on Preview [NYCC]

I'll admit it, I put way too many hours to count into Bioware's Baldur's Gate on the PC more than 10 years ago.  So despite what you see in the above screenshot, when I glared at the screen at the NY Comic Con, I was shocked to see something that looked eerily similar to the classic title so near and dear to my heart.

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NY Comic Con 2009 in Photos

We start our NY Comic Con 2009 coverage with a handful of shots from the show floor.  We've got some great pictures of the entire thing.  What impressed me most was the sheer size of the show.  From a square footage perspective, this even topped last years PAX.  The people that were there were all upbeat and fun, with plenty of cos players wondering around posing for pictures. 

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