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Tripwire Explains Why Killing Floor 2 Is Heading to PS4
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Tripwire Explains Why Killing Floor 2 Is Heading to PS4

The REAL Patriarch has a few words for you folks...

As is the nature of life on the internet, ravenous fans of the first game began a hideous gnashing of teeth the moment Killing Floor 2 was announced for the PS4. Apparently the PC enthusiasts felt like a console version would taint the good blood-soaked name of Killing Floor, and they imediately rejected those filthy Playstation Peasants. I could make the point that I love the original Killing Floor to itty bitty gory bits, and that having the sequel playable by even more people should be a good thing. However, I am not John Gibson, president of Tripwire, who took a few moments out of his day of blowing zombies to pieces in order to share the rational behind taking their PC-originated game to the PS4.

Despite fears on the contrary, Gibson reassures longtime fans that the PC is KF2's lead platform. He references the PC-like architecture of the PS4 (specifically), and while porting a PC game to the PS4 may take 10% more work, it opens the game up to potentially millions more fans of the series.

Tripwire is not being "consolized", rather we plan on "Tripwirizing" console gamers. The time has come when we can put games on the consoles on our terms, without compromise, and we're excited for this new frontier and the experiences we'll be able to provide gamers.

The tools at hand make the porting process a relative cinch, which means both versions of the game will benefit from the extra work. 

If we as a studio can do 10% more work but gain 25%, 50%, even 100% more customers that's a great thing and here is why. Lets say we could afford to spend $2,000,000 making a game for the PC only, but we could afford to spend $4,000,000 if we released it on PC and console. In the end PC gamers get almost double the features and content as the developer could have afforded to make if they released the game on a single platform alone.

It's always reassuring to see a company lead come out and be real with us. Personally, I don't get why you wouldn't want to have more people to swap Patriarch stories with, but to each their own.  You can read Mr. Gibson's full thoughts on the matter here.