GTA Online Co-op Heists Arriving Early 2015
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GTA Online Co-op Heists Arriving Early 2015

The new trailer for the mode looks amazing!

We received word that the four-player co-op Heist Mode for Grand Theft Auto Online will be arriving sooner than you’d think! Multi-tiered heists and execution is the next thing on the DLC list for Rockstar.

Players will be able to plan, prepare, and execute multiple stages of heists throughout Los Santos and Blaine County. Of course, coordination and communication are key elements of this mode and all players should fulfill specific roles in each mission to achieve success. Some of these heists won’t be cakewalks, with multiple objectives to be reached before the finale, so make sure to iron out all the kinks in your team beforehand. Furthermore, new vehicles, weapons, clothing, and much more will be coming with this DLC as well (so far, we believe it’ll be a free DLC).

Some of our readers showed concern that this is just Rockstar making false promises, such as what happened with the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions of the game last year. We are happy to hear that they will be coming to us in early 2015, as indicated in a previous article, and we have an official Rockstar trailer to showcase what we’re in for:

If you missed our co-op review of GTA V’s PS4 version, please do check it out here! Again, these GTA Online heists will be available on ALL available platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 306, PS4, PS3 and PC.