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Upcoming PlayStation Now Subscription Programs Detailed
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Upcoming PlayStation Now Subscription Programs Detailed

New to PlayStation? Now's your chance to easily catch up.

Though PlayStation Now has been open to all gamers for a few months now, there has been a desire from the community for a subscription based version of the service. Well, beginning on January 13th, a PlayStation Now subscription program will become available to PS4 owners, giving players the opportunity to have instant and unlimited access of over 100 PS3 games!

This service also provides a speedy way to locate all of these games, all without needing to download or install anything, like patches. While the service will first be made available on the PS4, other devices will gain access to the subscription services at a future date.

As of right now, players can choose from two different subscription deals: pay $19.99 for one month, or $44.99 for three months (the latter is about $15 per month). Like we stated above, players will gain access to a large assortment of PS3 games from all kinds of genres. If you own a PS4 now, but didn't own a PS3 in your life, this is the opportunity to try out some of the better games from last generation that haven't received a PS4 remake. Thankfully, there is also a seven-day free trial offer going on for those that want to try out the service without committing to anything. The trial becomes available on January 13th when the subscription service begins.

Additionally, PlayStation Now is said to be receiving strong publisher support in the future, so more and more titles will become available through the service over time. Below showcases the first 100+ players can look forward to playing.

One more thing, as a celebration for the launch of the PlayStation Now subscription service, there will be a free PlayStation Now theme for all PS4 users to download very soon. Not only will you have a nifty new background to sport on your system, downloading the theme before January 31st will automatically enter you into a special drawing to win a free one-year subscription towards the service!

Will you be giving PlayStation Now a chance? Is it worth the monthly fee? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Blog.us.playstation.com