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Enhanced features depending on model

Upgraded PlayStation 4 Could Support More Local Players

The next iteration of the PlayStation 4, which was speculated about after GDC, is all but confirmed at this point. Giant Bomb received information from a variety of sources earlier this week that the new console, currently codenamed "NEO," will not only offer some hardware upgrades to allow games access to higher graphical fidelity, but that it could also change the way local co-op works.

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New to PlayStation? Now's your chance to easily catch up.

Upcoming PlayStation Now Subscription Programs Detailed

Though PlayStation Now has been open to all gamers for a few months now, there has been a desire from the community for a subscription based version of the service. Well, beginning on January 13th, a PlayStation Now subscription program will become available to PS4 owners, giving players the opportunity to have instant and unlimited access of over 100 PS3 games!

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What do we want? Co-op games! When do we want it? After our faces are stuffed with turkey!

Playstation Co-Op Games Sale Now Live

Christmas has come early for us co-op gamers (at least for those of us on Sony platforms)!  Playstation just announced a slick new deal focused entirely on co-op gaming, presumably to help calm your family's nerves after two hours of bickering about why your aunt brought her new boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner.  It's like, why does he even come if he doesn't even like the Bears!  Also, the stuffing he brought tastes sort of like motor oil.

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The Littlest Console!

PlayStation TV Launches October 14th, Nearly 700 Games To Play

The PlayStation 4 isn't the only Sony product vying for space in your entertainment center. The PlayStation TV is slated for a North American release on October 14 for $99, and it's launching with a catalog of almost 700 games from all over Sony's lengthy gaming history. The little device can play Vita games, access PSOne Classics, stream using PS Now, and even delve into the realm of remote play for PS4 owners.

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Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and EA

[E3 2014] - Press Conference Wrap-Up Video Coverage

Day 0 of E3 is done, and Co-Optimus is bringing you their wrap up of all the press conferences that happened, with impressions of the games announced including all the co-op goodness. We've got surprise announcements like Dead Island 2, Magicka 2 and Assassin's Creed Unity. So sit back and relax and here all the good news that went down for co-op gamers on Monday, June 9th 2014 at E3 in Los Angeles.

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