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If you want to enjoy jolly co-op online, you'll need to pay

Nintendo Switch Online Service Is Now Live

After announcing that they'd eventually have some kind of online service and then keeping the details of it quiet for over a year, Nintendo rolled out the Nintendo Switch Online Service yesterday. The long and short of it is this: with the exception of free-to-play games, any title you want to play online with friends will require everyone to have an active membership. But, there are some benefits.

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The good news? NES titles with online capabilities. The bad? Paying for cloud saves

The Nintendo Switch Online Plan Lets You Play Classic Titles Online

Earlier this week, Nintendo finally revealed their plans for their online subscription service. Dubbed "Nintendo Switch Online," this service will be required when it launches in September in order to enjoy online co-op with friends for current titles, like Splatoon 2, and future ones as well. Other than the official name, that's nothing particularly new. What is new is that getting that subscription will also give you access to a library of classic NES titles that will include online capabilities for those that support multiplayer.

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New to PlayStation? Now's your chance to easily catch up.

Upcoming PlayStation Now Subscription Programs Detailed

Though PlayStation Now has been open to all gamers for a few months now, there has been a desire from the community for a subscription based version of the service. Well, beginning on January 13th, a PlayStation Now subscription program will become available to PS4 owners, giving players the opportunity to have instant and unlimited access of over 100 PS3 games!

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