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GamersGate 10th Anniversary Sale Feat. Battlefield and Warframe
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GamersGate 10th Anniversary Sale Feat. Battlefield and Warframe

Good games on the cheap.

The Swedish retailer GamersGate is celebrating its 10th birthday this February by slashing prices across the board. Currently on the price chopping block are the Battlefield series, (including both regular and premium versions of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3), and Warframe. Sure, Warframe might be a free to play game, but if you'd like to boost your Tenno to the next tier of Space Ninja Robot without all that grinding for mats, you've got a chance to snag some platinum on the cheap.

While they might not have as vast a catalog as a service like Steam, GamersGate offers various PC related products from a vast number of mainstream developers. Some codes can even be redeemed on services like Steam and Origin in case you want to keep your virtual collection all in one place. 

More deals have yet to arrive, as the Anniversary Sale runs until the the 19th of February. Head on over to to see what they have in store.