Dead Space Extraction

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Dead Space Headed to Wii... with Co-Op!
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Dead Space Headed to Wii... with Co-Op!

Some rather awesome co-op news comes our way this morning, from our COG Network buddies over at Colony of Gamers.  Dead Space, an outer space horror/action title was recently released for PC, 360, and PS3.  Most folks seemed to enjoy the game, including Co-Optimus head honcho Nick, as seen in his Beyond Co-Op Review.  Unfortunately, co-op wasn't included in any form.

That will change this fall!  Dead Space: Extraction is headed for the Wii.  The new game is described as a prequel to the original, and will add a new character to the story.  With the new character comes co-op!  We don't know yet whether the co-op will be local, online, or both.  Either way, it's good news for Co-Optimus fans.  If only the new game would be released on other systems as well...