Dungeon of the Endless

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
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Update to Dungeon of The Endless Adds TF2 Characters
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Update to Dungeon of The Endless Adds TF2 Characters

New/free content thanks to community support

If you tuned into our Monday night stream this week, you may have noticed we were playing some new characters in the cooperative roguelike/dungeon crawler, Dunegon of the Endless. Developer Amplitude Studios added the familiar Team Fortress 2 characters to the game for FREE; that's right, if you own the game, just fire it up and play as the Pyro, Heavy, Medic, or Engineer.

Back in April, Amplitude Studios - developers of Dungeon of the EndlessEndless Legend, and Endless Space - had a free weekend on Steam where they let users play Dungeon and Legend for free and then, if they wanted, pick it up for a reduced price. If you just played either game, you helped contribute to a larger goal to add new content to both. That content is now live with the "Australium" update.

In addition to the new characters, five new items have been added to the world for you to discover in your attempts to escape from the depths of the planet:

  • Tower of Hats - Tarnish it notte, presumptuous one
  • Gas Mask - A highly effective defence against anything from flatulation to the most toxic nerve gas. The only drawback is that the mask’s active ingredient causes idyllic, pastoral hallucinations
  • Dove - The only flying animal not yet eaten by the dungeon inhabitants, Archimedes stays safely in the pocket of whoever is carrying it
  • jPad - One letter better than its famous predecessor, this hand-held marvel contains optimised solutions for the materials, project plans, and techniques of module construction
  • Sandvich - Not considered edible by most sentient beings, this snack requires teeth capable of chewing gravel. On the plus side, it tastes like vodka

I really like the way Amplitude Studios continues to support their games post-release, and their philosophy of involving the community of players in determining content. Hopefully there's even more content in the works for Dungeon of the Endless; I will take any excuse to play more of that game.