Crackdown 3

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
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Destroy All of Crackdown 3's City With Cloud Tech
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Destroy All of Crackdown 3's City With Cloud Tech

Blow up everything. EVERYTHING.

It's been too long since the justice-powered Agents of Crackdown bounded from building to building, casting their own, slightly unhinged net of the "protect and serve" philosophy. New info exploded out of Gamescom this week about the upcoming Crackdown 3, which we haven't seen a lick of since its unveiling at E3 2014. They're not talking too much about story or gameplay just yet, or actually saying how many players can co-op it. New claims have emerged, however, and they're pretty meaty.

While the previous Crackdowns' Agents hopped across the city with relative impunity, Crackdown 3 offers players the change to rampage around a "100% destructable environment." I hope that means you can elbow drop straight into a thriving cityscape and reduce it to a lifeless crater over the course of the game.

Check out the trailer from Gamescom.

Pre-alpha footage, sure, but I'll take a "skyscraper destruction" tech over pre-rendered stuff any day.

Twenty Xbox Ones would be needed to process the raw devastation required to obliterate an entire city. Luckily, you don't have to plop down thousands of dollars and a bunch of link cables to play Crackdown 3. Your Xbox One will tap into Cloud-based technology to suck up all the processing power it needs. 

Okay, yeah, I joke about the "infinite power of the Cloud," but that's some future tech right there. If this crazy concept works, maybe we'll see more folks tapping into the Cloud for extra processing power. Just, don't go too crazy. You don't want to prostrate your toaster oven before the Almighty Cloud, only for it to be granted its one true desire and go nova in your kitchen.