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Crackdown 3

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Free Crackdown 3 Content and Co-Op Save Fixes
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Free Crackdown 3 Content and Co-Op Save Fixes

Supplying Free Content For Contentment

The recently released Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive Crackdown 3 has received its third update post-launch, with more on the way. The last update added a little new content (more details below) while this one focuses on some co-op specific issues, like co-op campaign saves overriding other saves.

The previous content update provided a new suit for Commander Jaxon, a new weapon, and a new vehicle to use to stop crime. It also came with some specific instructions on how to activate everything, which can be found below.

  • To look Boom-tastic in Commander Jaxon’s Ultimate Suit: Create a new Agent or head to a Supply Point with an existing Agent, choose Agent Jaxon on the Agent selection screen, and then use the toggle to switch between regular and Commander Jaxon.
  • To drive in style with the Linebacker vehicle: Get to a Supply Point with a vehicle pad and select the Linebacker from your available inventory.
  • To equip the Quackhammer: Access any Supply Point, open the Loadout screen, scroll to the very bottom of the left hand column and select the Quackhammer.

While the steps are simple, the rewards are sweet with the official breakdown of each:

  • Quackhammer Launcher – Take a BOOM out of crime with this multi-rocket launcher that puts the QUACK in attack with exploding ducks instead of rockets.
  • Commander Jaxon Ultimate Suit – Boost the rate you earn Strength and Explosives XP by 10% with Commander Jaxon’s Ultimate Suit upgrade.
  • Linebacker Vehicle – Smash through or roll over smaller vehicles with the Linebacker. This heavily-armored Agency truck also has a machine gun turret for added firepower.

If you were not in the market for free content, or didn’t want to read the fancy bullet point list above, then you may be more interested in the latest update that fixes the co-op save issue. This is covered in the video below, with the co-op focus landing at the 0:35 mark.

Will you be enjoying this free content, or are your orb hunting days over? Let us know in the comments below!