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    A Sterling New Character Appears for Fable Legends
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    A Sterling New Character Appears for Fable Legends

    Prince Smarming

    Fairy Tales are full of archetypes, from the beautiful princess to the ghastly ogre.  Many of stories also have a Prince Charming, but not many of them are as violent as Sterling from Fable Legends.  This is one handsome chap who is as likely to stab you, as he is to kiss you.

    The various characters in Legends all have varied styles meaning that to get the best out of this 4 player online co-op title, allies should mix up the characters they choose.  Sterling is a melee type whose quick speed makes him great for jumping into an attack and quickly rolling away.  Watch out though as he is a little vulnerable to damage:

    He's dashing, he's handsome, and he knows it! Find out more about our own Prince Charming: Sterling!

    Sterling and the rest of his chums will be available in this free to play co-op title on Xbox One and PC soon.  A closed Beta is happening and anyone who is interested should check out the Fable Legends website.