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    Paging Doctor Leech, New Character For Fable Legends
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    Paging Doctor Leech, New Character For Fable Legends

    I need 20 ccs of Black Bile, STAT!

    No doubt, you and your posse are gonna get pretty roughed up bludgeoning Imps in Fable Legends. Your party will stagger into their watering hole of choice, plucking crossbow quarrels from their torsos, wishing their was a better way. Well, Lionhead Studios doesn't want your heroes only method of relief to come from seeing the bottom of an dirty ale mug.

    Meet Leech, the new playable character for Fable Legends. A skilled doctor and/or mortician depending on the circumstances, Leech is here to help your merry band of heroes through their troubles.

    Here's the official description of your new best doctor buddy:

    A born barber-surgeon, Leech offered more than just a haircut and a shave to the residents of Whitehollow. He provided tooth extraction, piles massage and cures to all things noxious and intoxicating. He did this with a smile and an enthusiasm that many found completely unnerving and made worse by a hearty laugh that didn't seem to sit with the fact he was elbow deep in someone’s chest.

    Ever since he first started poking dead things with a stick, Leech has had an all-consuming fascination with the squidgy bits that make people work. If someone fell ill, Leech would be there to document what happened to them. If someone died, Leech would appear to ask if he could have a poke around in them to discover what had gone wrong.

    Yep, Leech seems like a pretty weird guy, but he's your best bet for plucking those goblin teeth from your skull. For those of us who've always wanted to play as a Medieval Plague Doctor, Leech joins the other heroes of Fable Legends, though no release date has been announced yet.