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Bloodborne Update Will Add New Covenant, New NPCs
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Bloodborne Update Will Add New Covenant, New NPCs

Jolly co-op covenant finally arrives

We are a few weeks away from the Old Hunters DLC arriving for Bloodborne, but there's some more good news for all you hunters out there. The PlayStation Blog recently posted that a big update to the game will be arriving prior to the DLC's release. This update will add a new covenant (or oath) to the game that sounds like it will be more co-op focused.

Called "The League," hunters who taken on this oath can assist others in their games and this will somehow align to an online leaderboard. No information on how any of that works, or what potential rewards there may be, but hey, the leader of the League is a guy with a bucket helmet... so there's that. To ensure you're getting the most out of your co-op, more NPCs are being added as well so you can summon them if the human variety of hunters aren't available. These NPCs can be summoned using a new item, The League Cane. These additions will be free for everyone, regardless if you purchase the Old Hunters DLC.

The Old Hunters DLC arrives November 24.