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Sega Community Team Shares Phantasy Star Portable Impressions
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Sega Community Team Shares Phantasy Star Portable Impressions

From the Sega USA blog page comes a joint post by the community team describing their impressions of Phantasy Star Portable for PSP. The game is coming to the United States March 3rd, and features 4-player ad hoc co-op.


Ruby Eclipse:
I think one of the best parts about Phantasy Star Portable is that they’ve changed the entire game to make it more like Phantasy Star Online. In our multiplayer session, it was a lot of fun teaming up and seeing some of the rebalances they’ve made to the game.

I could see myself getting really absorbed in this game on my own, but playing with a group of friends adds a whole new level of fun.

I’m really looking forward to seeing kind of group-play on a larger scale. The classes for Portable (more on this in future posts) allow for so much more flexibility in terms of how you build your group, and the idea of having a readily adaptable group of players for running against the big bosses is really appealing… Can’t wait!


Our own impressions were quite positive as well. A free demo is available to anyone interested...and if you have a PSP and love co-op, you should be interested. To those of you that have played the demo: keep your save files -- you will be able to transfer your game saves to the full version once it releases next week!


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