Nuclear Throne

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Thursday Stream Recap: Nuclear Throne Episode 3
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Thursday Stream Recap: Nuclear Throne Episode 3

In which our heroes discover that they have the ability to learn.

Night after night, life after life, bullet after bullet, Taylor and I are pushing deeper and deeper into mysterious future of Nuclear Throne.  We may not be especially good at it, and the game may do little to persuade us otherwise, but like wild, super rad horses with guns and lots of money and stuff, we saunter on.

We made substantial progress last night, mostly because we finally gave into that fad all the kids are into called - correct me if I'm wrong - "learning from our mistakes(???)".  Because we're professionals, our past couple sessions had mostly consisted of ramming our heads into the proverbial wall over and over and then dazedly cheering when, lo and behold, a millimeter of cement happened to chip off.  This time around, though, your intrepid heroes spent a small amount of time reflecting on what went wrong after each failed attempt and then applied that newly gleaned knowledge onto the next run.  The effects weren't exactly mind-blowing, but hey, the planet didn't become a nuclear wasteland overnight.

Or maybe it did.  I'm not actually sure.

In case you missed it, my (slightly late) Nuclear Throne review is hot out of the oven and steaming on that windowsill, just waiting for you to snag it.  I think it sums up our experience with the game quite well.  If these streams have piqued your interest, I'd recommend checking it out and then deciding if your life is long overdue for some lead-filled mutant combat.