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Final Battleborn Characters Revealed
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Final Battleborn Characters Revealed

Wrestle or Science Your Way to Victory

If you have been keeping tabs on the release information for new Battleborn characters, I'm sure you were getting nervous about the lack of luchador type characters with cybernetic arms and crotchety old men with battle chairs. Well, the final warriors have been revealed, and you are in luck. Introducing Kleese and El Dragõn, the last to be added to Battleborn's extensive roster.

First up is Kleese, owner of a shiny Battle Throne, MK. 1. The throne is Kleese's main weapon, allowing him to pull off some impressive attacks while sipping on a fresh mojito. While the throne glides about, Kleese can tase opponents or use his wrist cannons in a pinch. The Energy Rift ability shields Kleese while damaging enemies,which can be followed up with a black hole that can suck in enemies. The Battle Throne is also equipped with mortar shells.

Next up is El Dragõn, a giant luchador with cybernetic arms used to enhance his already impressive wrestling moves. As a wrestler, he will be a close quarters combatant with moves such as his signature Dragon Splash allowing him to drop onto enemies from above. He can clothesline foes with his robotic arms, and use En Fuego to add a fiery splash to his move set. Every kill gives El Dragõn increased power, so keep mowing 'em down.

Battleborn releases May 3rd on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. It supports local two player split screen co-op or five player multiplayer through the story mode, or can be played online in 5v5 PVP matches.