Battleborn's 27th Playable Character Revealed
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Battleborn's 27th Playable Character Revealed

This one seems a bit harder to cosplay

While the 26th character in Battleborn's roster will go live for everyone tomorrow, the next character, Pendles, has been revealed. This Rogue snake will fall within the "Attacker" class and appears to be more of a "sneak-and-gank" type character.

Aside from the character art and a brief blurb, not much else is known about Pendles. He apparently hails from the same planet, Akopos, as Alani and he likes to use kama. Also, assuming you didn't pick up the game's Season Pass, you'll unlock Pendles by spending 47,500 in-game credits, just like Alani.

In case you missed it over the weekend, a SHiFT code was released that gives you one free Epic loot box in the game. Simply enter the code below into the SHiFT section (located in the "Extras" menu) and then go check "Gear" in "Command" for your loot box.


Still no word on when the story-mission content of the DLC will see release. Hopefully they'll have some details on that soon so it will make the Season Pass a little more tempting.