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Warhammer: End of Times - Vermintide Console Players Receive New DLC February 28th
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Warhammer: End of Times - Vermintide Console Players Receive New DLC February 28th

A mouthful of a headline

Warhammer: End of Times - Vermintide console players will receive new DLC on February 28th, specifically the Karak Azgaraz content which came to the PC version on December 15th. Console players have lagged a bit behind the PC version with the release of the game almost occurring a full year later, but are quickly catching up on the premium content.

Martin Wahlund, CEO Fatshark. “We double down on excitement, and also release the free Quest and Contracts DLC the same day”. This Karak Azgaraz DLC is meaty and includes the following content...

  • New Map: Khazid Kro - Journey through the outlying settlement of Khazid Kro
  • New Map: The Cursed Rune - Explore the snow covered Grey Mountains
  • New Map: Chain of Fire - Make your way to the top of the mountain to set the beacon 
  • New Weapon: Warpick for the Dwarf Ranger
  • New Weapon: Falchion for the Witch Hunter
  • Three New Achievements 

Questsand Contracts Features

  • Long term quests offer awesome and rare loot
  • Short term contracts offer temporary hero buffs in the form of boons 

The content is available today on the PC and costs $8.99, it's not know at this time if the console version will cost the same price or will match a structure similar to the PS4 and/or Xbox One's other DLC items. Warhammer: End of Times - Vermintide features four player co-op and is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It received our 2015 GOTY award


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