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Game Release and Early Access Mega Post
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Game Release and Early Access Mega Post

A compilation of all the hits from the past couple weeks

The busy gaming season is starting to get underway and that means there's a lot of stuff coming out, or hitting Early Access, or will soon be on the way. Some of these announcements have slipped through the cracks a bit, so we decided to pull them all together in one big post as a head's up to all you co-op enthusiasts out there.

Games Now in Early Access

  • The Wild Eight - co-op survival game for up to eight players online. Work with friends to survive in an arctic wilderness while also trying to discover the mysteries behind why your plane crashed.

Games Hitting Early Access Soon

  • Space Jammers - a "rogue-ish" top-down shooter for up to four players locally. Guide an alien rock band of space kitten pirates through a fractured multi-verse. Fly starfighters, board space ships and loot local populations to fund your musical tour.
  • 39 Days to Mars - a two player cooperative puzzle game. You play as Sir Albert Wickes and The Right Honourable Clarence Baxter, two 19th century explorers who are piloting the HMS Fearful on its maiden voyage to Mars. Work together on the problems that arise to keep the two explorers alive and prevent their ship from falling apart around them.

Games Now Available on a Variety of Platforms

  • Brut@l - now available on PC via Steam. Two player local co-op. Work together to fight your way through all 26 levels of the dungeon in this rogue-like hack 'n slash adventure.
  • 8DAYS - now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Two player local co-op. Players fight in the name of G.O.D. Inc. (Gold, Oil, and Diamonds) through five missions of non-stop 8-bit, top-down, shoot ‘em up action.
  • High Noon Revolver - now available on PC via Steam. Two player local co-op. Blast your way across 3 layers of platforming, collecting gold and obtaining upgrades helping you go from puny to powerhouse.
  • Putty Pals - now available on PC via Steam. Two player local co-op. Bounce, squish, trampoline and fling your Putty Pals to solve quirky colour based puzzles.

Games Out Next Week on a Variety of Platforms

  • Bokosuka Wars II - comes to Xbox One on Friday, February 24. Supports two players locally. Sequel to the popular Bokosuka Wars title from the 1980s, one player controls King Soren and must guide his army against the forces of King Ogereth while the second player controls their own hero to help King Soren.
  • Shift Happens - comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Wednesday, February 22. Supports two players locally or online. Work together as Bismo and Plom to guide the duo through 40 levels by changing your size and flinging your co-op buddy across pits (or possibly into them).