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Far Cry 5 Has A Story Trailer And Details For Its Post-Launch DLC
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Far Cry 5 Has A Story Trailer And Details For Its Post-Launch DLC

Cultists: Just the worst.

You see that ray of light?  You may have to squint, but it's there, off in the distance.  That right there is March 27th, the day Far Cry 5 comes out.

Unfortunately, we're gonna have to wait a few more weeks before that tiny little beam grows enough to envelop us with its cooperative beauty, but in the meantime, we have a trickling of news to tide us over.  First up is a brand new story trailer, detailing the exact reason you'll be mowing down cultists across Hope County, Montana.

Besides that, we also have information on the post-launch DLC to tide us over.  Not merely content to give us a few new story missions or weapons, Ubisoft has decided to go the Blood Dragon route again.  The first of the three expansions, "Dead Living Zombies", will take you to *yawn* a zombie-infested wasteland.  Luckily, the second and third expansions, "Hours of Darkness" and "Lost on Mars", will be a bit more unique.  In them, you'll be traveling to Vietnam and the titular red planet, respectively.

Far Cry 5 again features online co-op for two players and, upon release, will be available for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.