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Surgeon Simulator

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Clear! Surgeon Simulator Is Coming To Switch
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Clear! Surgeon Simulator Is Coming To Switch

CPR Edition Boasts Co-Op Ready

In a recent announcement, the popular Surgeon Simulator will be making its journey to the Nintendo Switch. Although the teaser trailer ends with a vague “Coming Soon” and no other information is available at this time, this transition is incredibly exciting for such a popular title.

Surgeon Simulator is currently available on both PlayStation 4 and PC, though it’s worth noting the PC version is single-player only,  where it found success in sales as well as people enjoying Let’s Play videos across social media. While the release date and time frame for the upcoming Nintendo version is completely unknown, it has been confirmed that it will support a split Joy-Con configuration for co-op on the Switch, as well as motion/gyroscopic controls. You can check out the awkward and hilarious teaser trailer below.

Will you be putting on your gloves and your patients onto the operating table as surgery comes to Switch, or do you prefer to operate on the PC or PS4? Let us know in the comments below and stick with Co-Optimus as more details on Surgeon Simulator emerge!