Surgeon Simulator

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Surgeon Simulator Out Today on Nintendo Switch
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Surgeon Simulator Out Today on Nintendo Switch

"Ok... gently pass me the scalpel.... gently... gently... AHHHHHHH!!!!"

Bossa Studios' Surgeon Simulator makes its way onto the Nintendo Switch today, complete with local co-op play so you and a buddy can work together to definitely save people and not put a TV where their organs used to be. Nope. You'd never do that.

The title originally debuted on PC back in 2013 and gained a lot of attention thanks to streamers. Wacky hijinks are always good viewing. It eventually made its way to the PlayStation 4, where local co-op was patched in, then to a variety of VR platforms, and now, to the Switch. Like the PlayStation 4 version, local co-op play is supported on the Switch version so you can work together to perform delicate surgery with imprecise controls.