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The evolution of the FPS to FPS Pro has been implemented in an extremely smart way. The FPS Pro still supports users who want a fully plug-and-play mouse by having three DPI settings (800, 1600, and 3200) pre-configured out of the box and having a way to adjust the brightness of the LED purely by using buttons on the mouse. Those who want to tweak their DPI settings or enhance their options can now do so with the NGenuity software. For example, my preferred DPI setting for games is 900 or 1200, depending on the game. With the FPS, I could make do with the 800 and 1600 instead, but it didn’t feel completely comfortable. The Surge and FPS Pro allow me to select any DPI setting I want for up to five configurations in the cycle. Since the FPS and FPS Pro are basically the same in form, the support (but not requirement) of NGenuity makes the Pro come out ahead.

When comparing the Surge to the FPS Pro, the differences are more a matter of preference. The Surge is more oval in shape and smaller in size when compared to the winged FPS and FPS Pro. The Surge is also 5g heavier (100g compared to 95g). While the LEDs on the FPS Pro are confined to the mouse wheel and HyperX logo, the Surge has an additional LED band running along the edge of the mouse. The Surge and the FPS Pro both have 6 buttons and the same braided cable and the NGenuity software they use is the exact same. They have the same sensor type, max acceleration, and max speed, but possess a different switch (the Surge has Omron 50M and the FPS Pro has Omron 20M). Everyone will have their own personal preference, but I prefer the feel of the FPS Pro. The larger body and winged top of the mouse makes me feel like I have a solid grip on it.

The Pulsefire FPS Pro is one of my favorite mice to date. It’s comfortable, responsive, and maneuvers smoothly. The NGenuity software is intuitive and easy to use, providing all of the options I could ask for in customizing this particular mouse. The only other thing I could wish for is another couple of buttons to make the FPS Pro a little more MOBA and MMO-friendly, but that’s honestly a minor quibble. I highly recommend this mouse for anyone who looks for high performance, function, and comfort in their gaming. The Pulsefire Surge is an excellent alternative for those who prefer mice that are a little smaller, elliptical in shape, or have fancier lighting options.