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Tesla vs Lovecraft Is Getting Its First Paid DLC Next Month
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Tesla vs Lovecraft Is Getting Its First Paid DLC Next Month

'Tis the season for downloadable content.

Tesla vs Lovecraft, the top-down twin stick shooter from developer 10tons, has been festering in our collective stomachs since its release in January of 2018.  Its nutrients have almost been fully absorbed at this point, so it's a good thing the game's next course is coming our way in early December.

"For Science!" serves as TvL's first paid DLC and, at a $5 price point, adds the following to the base content:

  • Endless number of Dreamland Planes, for the players who feel Eldritch Plane is too easy
  • 10 new Perks (2 EPICS)
  • 4 new Weapons (including Teslazi, a submachine gun supreme)
  • EPIC version of each and every weapon
  • Collect Eldritch Signs for crystals
  • More choice when leveling up: 3rd perk slot
  • 2 new Abilities (Homing Pigeons!)
  • 2 new Powerups
  • 2 new Inventions
  • 2 new Monsters (Cultists & Mi-Go)

Want to see it in the form of a fancy moving picture?  Check out the trailer below:

The DLC will come first to Steam, but the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game will also receive it at a later date.

If you're interested in checking out Tesla vs Lovecraft's four player local co-op, you may want to read our review of the game to see whether or not it's up your alley.