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HyperX Cloud MIX Wired Gaming Headset + Bluetooth Review - Page 2

The sound in wireless mode was good for a Bluetooth audio experience. For mobile gaming or listening to music on the go, I have no complaints. While the built-in mic is completely serviceable, the boom mic is clearer and louder and does a very good job at minimizing background noise. This means that I would always prefer to use the boom over the built-in mic, unless I was using the Cloud MIX to take calls outside of my home.

To get the full Hi-Res audio experience, though, you’ll want to switch the Cloud MIX to its wired mode. One included cord plugs straight into the left earcup and ends in a single 3.5mm jack (for phones, PS4 controllers, etc). If you want to plug it into a device that has separate audio and mic jacks (most PCs), there’s a second cord that converts a single 3.5mm jack to dual 3.5mm jacks. There is no USB connection cord, which I found surprising, since most of the other HyperX headsets I’ve used connect through USB. Unsurprisingly, the corded analog audio experience is stronger than the wireless one. Sounds are richer and more defined, meaning that this is definitely the mode I’d use for non-mobile games.

The Cloud MIX is ambitious and a strong peripheral, but perhaps best marketed towards a specific group of gamers. To understand why, let’s consider a couple of different kinds of gaming enthusiasts. A user who’s primarily a PC or console gamer would mostly be interested in the MIX as a corded headset, and while it checks all the boxes in its corded form, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it above the Cloud Revolver S, which I felt had a slightly stronger sound profile. For a PC or console gamer who wants a wireless experience, the audio of the Cloud Flight would serve better than the Bluetooth wireless connectivity of the MIX alone, and the Cloud Flight has a better battery life (30 hours vs. 20 hours). Both the Flight and the Revolver S are also $40 - $50 cheaper than the MIX.

But what about gamers who are really serious about their mobile games, or ones who want a quality corded headset for PC or console that they can take with them when they’re out around town? It’s at this intersection where the MIX truly shines. Instead of investing in two costly devices, the MIX has you covered in both domains. If you’re a gamer at this particular crossroads, then I can’t recommend the MIX highly enough. It’s also the most comfortable headset I’ve ever used, which is entirely fitting for a mobile-forward device.