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State Of Decay 2's "Zedhunter" Update Offers Free New Weapons
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State Of Decay 2's "Zedhunter" Update Offers Free New Weapons

Plus a slew of other new ways to take on the undead hordes.

Half the world is currently hunkering down to survive the harsh winter weather, which makes this time of year a pretty solid choice for releasing extra content into your games.  Such is the case for Undead Labs, who recently pushed a substantial patch for their co-op zombie survival title, State of Decay 2.

Alongside a long list of tweaks and fixes, this patch included the "Zedhunter" update, which serves as the game's first free batch of content.  Check out the list of new additions, as well as a trailer, below:

  • Eight new crossbows
  • Three new melee weapons (aka SWORDS!) – the Wraith, Mamba, and Masterwork Bokken (which is a blunt training sword)
  • Three new close combat weapons (aka knives)
  • Five brand new blood plague consumables. Three of them harness blood plague: Zedeye (allows you to see in the dark outside), Zedrenaline (gives a temporary boost to health and stamina), and Scentblock (makes you invisible to zeds). Additional consumables are Zedbait (attracts zombies), and bloater gas grenades + launcher (can throw them manually or use the launcher – they won’t work against zombies but they are effective against hostile enclaves!)
  • A facility mod to craft additional blood plague consumables
  • The ability to craft crossbows + bolts in your home base
  • A new re-spec option (to reset a survivors core skill specializations)

State of Decay 2 offers online co-op for up to four players on PC and Xbox One.  While "Zedhunter" marks the first time Undead Labs has added in extra content for free, the game already includes a number of other paid DLC options for those looking for more ways to flesh out their post-apocalyptic world.  Be sure to check out our review if you're interested in learning more.