Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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Co-Optimus Turns 11, Vote For Your All Time Favorite Co-Op Game
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Co-Optimus Turns 11, Vote For Your All Time Favorite Co-Op Game

1 Game to Rule Them All

It was 11 years ago today that we opened our doors to the world. A website dedicated to gaming together in a non-competitive way, launching a database to help people find and share the type of games they love. We've come a long way in that time, gaming has changed quite a bit, but we still love teaming up with some pals to take down a boss or conquer a challenge just as much.

Not much has happened in the last year around here, it's been pretty quiet actually. The biggest change is we're building a community on Discord. Stop by and say hi, we'd love to chat. Tell us what you like or don't like about the site! And just like the site we've built, perhaps you'll find your next co-op game OR partner in the channel.

That said we have some big plans for 2019 as we hope to finally give the site some brand new features and tweaks. You may already notice a few cosmetic changes around here - and there's more to come!

Other than that, today we're kicking off our search for the Greatest Co-Op Game of All Time...as vote by the people of the internet.  For the next month we've got updated database pages and a dedicated page allowing folks to vote and follow the progress as we crown one supreme co-op game. 

Happy Birthday Co-Optimus. Thanks for visiting since 2008!