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1 Game to Rule Them All

Co-Optimus Turns 11, Vote For Your All Time Favorite Co-Op Game

It was 11 years ago today that we opened our doors to the world. A website dedicated to gaming together in a non-competitive way, launching a database to help people find and share the type of games they love. We've come a long way in that time, gaming has changed quite a bit, but we still love teaming up with some pals to take down a boss or conquer a challenge just as much.

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You're invited to the party!

Dungeon Defenders Celebrates Its First Anniversary with New DLC and Sales

It’s somebody’s birthday! No, not just anyone’s, but a great co-op title we’ve come to love over this past year: Dungeon Defenders! Celebrating its franchise’s first year as a game, Trendy Entertainment and Reverb Publishing have released a new DLC for gamers to enjoy in the festivities. Over the next couple of weeks, gamers can purchase the “Dungeon Defenders Anniversary Pack” DLC for free online.

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Happy 10th Birthday Xbox! What's Your Favorite Co-Op Game?

Ten years ago today Microsoft changed the console war from a battle between two, to a battle between three.  The Xbox, a big black box loaded with a "duke" controller became a staple of hardcore gamers.  It contained a hard drive and a network connection, and it was the beginning of a big change for consoles.  The system saw many great co-op games over it's life span, though none may be more iconic than the one it launched with in Halo.

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