• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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New GTFO "Behind The Scenes" Video Shows Off Characters, Monsters, and More
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New GTFO "Behind The Scenes" Video Shows Off Characters, Monsters, and More

I'm really into that 80s computer UI look

If you're suddenly in the market for a four-player cooperative FPS game and wondering when something new/exciting will be coming along, good news! 10 Chambers Collective's GTFO is, apparently, right around the corner. The Swedish developer released a new video - a "behind the scenes" documentary - that goes into some detail about the characters/story, the setting, the monsters you'll face, and the music.

From a co-op perspective, it's always good to hear something like this from developers:

What we experience is that a lot of games that claim to be cooperative really only require players to fight alongside one another and not really together, and communicate and coordinate

- Simon Viklund

It shouldn't be too surprising that 10 Chambers Collective is taking this kind of critical look at what makes a game cooperative considering their company statement is "We're an independent Game Developer Collective, hell-bent on bringing you the most epic CO-OP experience we can possibly make." Based on some of what we've heard/read about the title thus far, it certainly sounds like their living up to that statement. 

GTFO still doesn't have a firm release date, but this video came alongside the announcement that it should be release soon - "Spring, 2019." I'm looking forward to yelling at Nick and Locke for running around guns blazing instead of being stealthy and quiet.