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State Of Decay 2 Gets World War 2 Weapons In New Update
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State Of Decay 2 Gets World War 2 Weapons In New Update

Finally, the grease gun is back in style.

For almost a year now, State of Decay 2 players have fought tooth and nail to survive in the game's harsh open world.  If it were up to me, I'd say they deserve something nice for a change.  Thankfully, content update 8.0 has arrived, and with it comes the latest and greatest weaponry from... the Second World War.

Okay, we may be going back in time a bit with this latest update, but what the new weaponry may lack in technological advances, it makes up for in how goshdarn cool it is to fire a Thompson into a horde of the undead.

Specifically, players have access to 13 new weapons (9 of them are unique, 4 are variants).  Get the lowdown from the patch notes, below:

  • Community Request: We’ve added a new set of classic weapons from the World War II era:
    • M1918 BAR
    • M1A1 Thompson
    • M3 Grease Gun
    • Surplus M1911
    • M1917 Revolver
    • M1903A4 Sniper Rifle
    • M1 Carbine
    • M1 Para Carbine
    • M97 Trench Gun
  • There are several ways to get these new weapons:
    • There is a new antique weapons trader who shows up occasionally to sell them (appearing at the same rate as the other traders).
    • These new weapons can also be looted from the same containers as other standard guns in the game. Gun stores are a great place to look.
    • Characters with an interest in historical weapons can also spawn with them. (Look for traits like Rifle Collector, War Reenactor, and the new World War II Buff.)
  • Community Request: We also added four special variants that can only be found in the rare weapon containers hidden across the maps:
    • Barrow Style BAR (a cut-down M1918 BAR)
    • Gangland Strad (an M1A1 Thompson with a drum magazine)
    • Graveyard Shift (an integrally-suppressed M3 Grease Gun)
    • T4/M2 Carbine (a fully-automatic variant of the M1 Carbine)

Alongside these fancy new (old) guns, update 8.0 also brings with it the ability to demote leaders, transfer items to base from a parked vehicle, and unload ammunition from weapons in your inventory.  Check out the details here.

Per Nick's review, we're quite fond of State of Decay 2 around these parts.  Us co-op enthusiasts were practically begging for a cooperative mode when the first State of Decay was released, so it was pretty exciting to see this wish fulfilled so effectively.  The game offers online co-op for up to four players on PC and Xbox One.