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Enter The Menagerie in Destiny 2's Season of Opulence
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Enter The Menagerie in Destiny 2's Season of Opulence

Grow fat from strength

The final season for year 2 of Destiny 2 kicks off today with the "Season of Opulence." This is the third content drop as part of the new "seasons of content" approach that kicked off with Forsaken back in September (as opposed to the DLC seen last year with "Warmind" and "Curse of Osiris") and much like the "Black Armory" and "Joker's Wild," Opulence will add new exotic weapons, new legendary gear, new Pinnacle weapons, and new activities.

If you own the Annual Pass, then here's what's new for you this season:

  • The Menagerie - a six-player matchmade activity that combines fighting enemies with "light puzzle elements." There will be a "Heroic" difficulty added to this activity at the end of June, but that won't support the matchmaking; you'll have to manually assemble a crew of six to clear it. The rewards for this stem from "The Chalice of Opulence" that you'll receive as part of the introductory quest to this season. The Chalice accepts different runes that are used to craft the gear you want with the perks you want... eventually. You'll have to discover the different combinations as you go. Here's how Bungie describes it:

Players who emerge victorious in the Menagerie will use the Chalice to serve up an offering of runes in exchange for the weapons and gear they choose from the selection of items available. The treasure you find will be limited at first, but over time you’ll be able to upgrade the Chalice to acquire more plentiful and powerful rewards.

  • Crown of Sorrow Raid - the new raid launches at the start of the season rather than a week or a few days later this time. The idea, per Bungie, is to have everyone on fairly equal footing so there's a fiercer competition for the "World's First" title. Interestingly, other raid activities are closed until a team completes the Crown of Sorrow, so if you were planning on heading back into the Leviathan to try and get that Midnight Coup, you'll have to wait a bit.
  • New Exotic Quest - it's unclear which of the two teased exotics (Truth, a rocket launcher making its return from the original Destiny, or a hand cannon labeled as "Lumina" that is speculated to be the "Rose") are tied to the Annual Pass and which is free to all Forsaken owners, but you'll be getting something at some point.

  • All the stuff that's included for free, as detailed below.

If you don't have the Annual Pass but DO own Forsaken, then here's what you'll have to enjoy:

  • Power Level Increase - 750 is the new 700 is the new 650 is the new 500 is the new...
  • New Vanity Items - Tess and Fenchurch have got a selection of new items for you in Tess' store, which is getting a little bit of a visual/mechanical overhaul this season. Now you'll be able to use Silver (the premium currency) or Bright Dust (the earned currency) to purchase things from Tess, what's available for purchase will be "time-limited to make way for rotating inventory," and the armor she offers each season will be available to buy as a full set and no matter what that armor will always have fixed perks.

  • New Exotic Quest - again, not sure if it's Truth or Lumina, but you'll get something.
  • New Lore Books, New Seasonal Rewards, and Iron Banner.
  • Solstice of Heroes Event in July - this will likely be similar to last year's event, hopefully the armor will still be useful going in to Year 3...

If all of that content isn't enough, then we're only a couple days away from learning about what's next. This Thursday, June 6, at 1:00 PM EDT, Bungie will be showing off "the next chapter" of Destiny 2. There have been plenty of rumors flying around about what will be in Year 3 and/or Destiny 3, but this will be the first time Bungie says something directly about what's coming this Fall for the game. It will also mark the first year that Destiny 2 will solely be under Bungie's purview. We'll definitely be sharing details from that after it wraps up.