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Cloud Stinger Wireless and Cloud Flight, side by side

The Cloud Flight is wireless, retails for around $160 (which is $60 more than the Cloud Stinger Wireless), and has a different physical structure from the Cloud Stinger Wireless. I prefer the sound and the microphone of the Flight (they seem just a touch crisper), and the fit is a touch snugger around my head (which I prefer, but will certainly vary from person to person). The maximum battery life of the Flight (when its LEDs are completely off) is reported to be 30 hours compared to the Stinger Wireless’ 17 hours. As far as wireless range, while the Flight boasts a bigger maximum range (by 8 meters), while walking around my apartment, I found the ranges of the two to be about equal. There are two clear areas where the Stinger Wireless actually exceeds the Flight, however: the Flight’s microphone detaches as opposed to being on a swingable arm for storage, and the Flight’s volume wheel is much looser than the Stinger Wireless’ (which sometimes causes me issues with manually adjusting the volume properly).

After weighing all these comparisons, I think the Cloud Stinger Wireless ends up being a perfect fit for what it’s trying to accomplish. Qualitywise, it’s a slight step up from the less expensive Stinger (mostly by virtue of being wireless), but a step down in most ways to the more expensive Flight. For $100, I think the Cloud Stinger Wireless is a very good option for a somewhat lower-end wireless gaming headset. It’s being marketed more specifically for the PS4, which I think is a smart move; wired headsets for consoles are kind of a drag (since they can easily get tangled up attached to your controller), but you might not want to spring for a more expensive option. If you can pony up an extra $60 for the Flight, I might recommend it for the improved audio, microphone, and battery life, but the Stinger Wireless offers an excellent option for those who can’t or don’t wish to.

All things considered, I find the Cloud Stinger Wireless to be extremely fair in regard to its price and features. Around $100 seems to be the starting point of most wireless gaming headsets and the battery life of the Stinger Wireless appears to be better than most of the competition. Added to that, I will always trust in HyperX’s quality comfort over other headsets. The Cloud Stinger Wireless just makes sense in HyperX’s ever-growing library of headphones, each of which always seem to have their specific audience. If you belong to the target demographic of the Clound Stinger Wireless (i.e you need a wireless headset, but also need to spend $100 or less), I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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