Fable for Two

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Enjoy a Fable for Two With a Buddy
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Enjoy a Fable for Two With a Buddy

A graduation project with co-op at its core

Video games are coming from all kinds of places these days; from big "AAA" developers to one-man passion projects, some say that it's never been a better time to play games. Certainly, with the increase in people making games, it's no surprise we're also seeing more co-op titles because who doesn't love playing games with friends? A few students from Supinfogame Rubika are working on a couch co-op action/adventure game called Fable for Two, and you can play the first couple chapters now for free!

You can head over to their Itch.io site to get the game, and if you're curious what this is all about, check out the trailer below.

No word on when the game will be done (presumably before they graduate?) or if it will turn into something else on another platform, but feel free to check it out and see what the kids are making these days at school.