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Without surround sound, the audio performs well for things like voice/video chats and games where surround sound would be more distracting than helpful. Internally, 50mm drivers are placed parallel to the ear, delivering enhanced bass reproduction. On the microphone side of things, the microphone is flexible, non-detachable, and features a swivel-to-mute feature (stowing the mic in its upright position automatically mutes it). It has adequate noise-cancellation properties, where it will easily block out annoying ambient sounds like breathing or background white noise, but will struggle to dampen the sound of someone talking at a normal volume in the same room.

At about $60, the quality of the Stinger S exceeds the price. It may not be the sleekest headset in terms of looks, but it absolutely delivers in its function. The microphone is about what I’d expect for a headset of this price and the audio quality goes above and beyond. I maintain that HyperX headsets are the most comfortable headsets I’ve used, and the Stinger S maintains that reputation. If you’re looking for a quality wired, 7.1 surround sound capable headset for PC that won’t break the bank, the Stinger S is an easy recommendation. Since that is a pretty specific group, if you’re looking for wireless options, console/mobile options, or less economic conscious options, the Cloud Stinger Wireless, Cloud Stinger Core (or Cloud MIX for a much more expensive option), and Cloud Alpha S may be more suitable respectively.

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