Trigger Witch

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Zelda Plus Guns and Co-op Equals 'Trigger Witch,' Coming in July
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Zelda Plus Guns and Co-op Equals 'Trigger Witch,' Coming in July

The witches are coming and they're packing heat.

Zelda fans are naturally excited for this month's release of Skyward Sword HD. Maybe they're even playing Skellboy Refractured in co-op while they wait. Thanks to Rainbite and Eastasiasoft, we have another Zelda-style game to look forward to in July as well. Trigger Witch combines the style of a 16-bit action-adventure with twin-stick shooting and local co-op, and it's coming to consoles at the end of the month.

Trigger Witch comes from the same developer as Reverie, another lovely Zelda-style game that borrowed some visual inspiration from Mother/Earthbound. In this game's world, guns have made witchcraft obsolete. The protagonist Colette (not be confused with Coilette from Futurama) is due to graduate from an academy for Witchcraft and Triggery when a mysterious man invades the realm. Soon things transpire that force Colette to step up as the only one (or one part of a team in co-op) who can save the land.

Trigger Witch features:

  • Explore an open world in classic action-adventure style!
  • Wield and upgrade new firearms as you progress.
  • Meet strange and endearing characters through engaging dialogue.
  • Blast monsters back to their rightful plane of existence in bloody fashion!
  • Solve environmental puzzles and overcome obstacles in clever ways.
  • Play solo or multiplayer at any time, with drop-in local co-op.

That certainly looks like a recipe for fun to me, even if the blood splatters are a bit gratuitous.

Trigger Witch will fly onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch on July 28. Shame there's no Steam version, but Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions will be released at a later date. The game will cost $14.99 and will also enjoy a 10% launch discount on some platforms. There's also a free demo on Xbox!