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Taito Milestones 10th Game Announced, Physical Collector's Edition Now on Sale
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Taito Milestones 10th Game Announced, Physical Collector's Edition Now on Sale

Regular and fancy collector's editions are up for preorder.

Earlier this week, ININ Games announced the upcoming English release of Taito Milestones for Nintendo Switch. The collection will contain 10 arcade classics from Taito, and it's set to receive both a regular physical release and a Collector's Edition from Strictly Limited Games. Preorders have now gone live for the physical editions, and we now know the compilation's full lineup of games to boot.

The regular physical version of Taito Milestones will come with an instruction manual and reversible cover. As for the Collector's Edition, it will include:

  • Game for Nintendo Switch
  • XXL Retro PCB Box
  • CE Box /w Magnetic Latch
  • Colorful Game Manual
  • Official CD Soundtrack%u202F
  • Booklet incl. 10 Metal Coins
  • 12x Game/Artwork Posters
  • 10x Arcade Sheets
  • 10x Pixelart Postcards
  • 10x Character Trading Cards
  • 6x Retro Style Arcade Flyers
  • Character Sticker Sheet
  • 3x Marquee Stickers
  • Character Group Fridge Magnet

Here's the full list of Taito Milestones games:

  • QIX, 1981, Puzzle. Draw lines as the “Marker” and capture areas by encircling them! Watch out for enemies while moving around!
  • SPACE SEEKER, 1981, Shooting. Check the map screen for steadily approaching enemies, intercept the air force strategically, and strike the mobile fortress!
  • ALPINE SKI, 1982, Sports. Enter the world of snow and take part in three competitions: Downhill ski, slalom and ski jump!
  • FRONT LINE, 1982, Run-and-Gun. Push forward to the enemy camp as a foot soldier! You can also drive tanks and armored vehicles!
  • WILD WESTERN, 1982, Shooting. Defeat the gangs attacking from all directions with your trusty rifle! You are the law!
  • Chack'n Pop, 1983, Platform. Hang in there, Chack’n! Get back the hearts from the thieving Monsta!
  • ELEVATOR ACTION, 1983, Action. Infiltrate a building as a spy on a solo mission, get all the secret documents and make your escape!
  • The FairyLand Story, 1985, Platformer. As the witch Ptolemy, defeat the monsters deep inside the castle!
  • HALLEY'S COMET, 1986, Shooting. Halley’s comet is headed for the planets of our solar system! Destroy the computer at its centre!
  • THE NINJA WARRIORS, 1987, Action. Advance into enemy territory as an android ninja to crush the evil Banglar’s ambitions!

Space Seeker

Space Seeker

The final game to be announced is Space Seeker. As far as we can tell, Space Seeker has never been released on home platforms before. It was a very innovative game for its time, combining 2D shoot 'em up and first-person gameplay. Certainly, that makes for a cool inclusion, though the collection still lacks games like Bubble Bobble, Arkanoid, and Rastan that would have given it more mainstream appeal. Of the ten included titles, only The Ninja Warriors supports 2-player local co-op.

The Ninja Warriors

The Ninja Warriors

Taito Milestones is coming to Nintendo Switch in both physical and digital forms in the first quarter of 2022. The physical edition can be preordered for $44.99 and the Collector's Edition can be preordered for $101.99 from Strictly Limited Games.

In other news from ININ Games, the publisher has announced a digital release date of December 14 for Clockwork Aquario, a gorgeous, long-lost co-op arcade game from Westone. Read more at the ININ websiteCotton Fantasy, a new single-player game in the Cotton shoot 'em up series, is also coming to digital and physical formats. Both titles are coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with physical versions from Strictly Limited Games.