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12 co-op arcade games announced so far and more to come

Taito Egret II Mini Arcade to Feature 'Bubble Bobble' and More Co-Op Classics

In December 2021, Sega and a company called Zuiki released the Astro City Mini, a miniature arcade cabinet featuring 37 classic Sega arcade games. Now to be outdone, Taito recently announced its own mini arcade cabinet: the Egret II Mini. Scheduled for release in March 2022, the Egret II Mini will include 40 classic arcade games, 10 of which feature 2-player local co-op. Even better, the optional Paddle & Trackball Game Expansion Set adds 10 more games and a very special controller. That’s a lot of classic co-op goodness!

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Co-Op Classics: Bubble Bobble

Halo.  Diablo.  Gears of War.  Each of these franchises feature co-op, and each of them are legendary.  They are also violent, grim, and gritty, for the most part.  For Co-Op Classics today, we will look at a co-op game at the opposite end of the spectrum.  There are no bullets, demons, or chainsaws in the world of Bubble Bobble.  But you won't care, because there is some top notch co-op here.

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