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Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for May 2022
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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for May 2022

Game Announcement Season is upon us!

While Geoff Keighley is already reving up the engines hard for Summer Game Fest 2022, no doubt showering us in a ton of new announcements starting on June 9th, let's quickly take a look back at the co-op offerings of May before everyone forgets about them.

The headlining title of the month was of course MY LITTLE PONY: A Maretime Bay Adventure. The co-op experience is, however, a bit lacking with only minigames available for team consumption and the free-roam-world limited to only one player. Why can't I ride into the sunset with my little partner?! Always sad to see such a lackluster implementation especially in games targeted at kids. Definitely not for children, however, is Evil Dead: The Game which seems to have successfully hit all the fan-service buttons it needs to. The same goes for Sniper Elite 5 which, by all accounts, doesn't reinvent the wheel (although the new Invasion mode sounds cool) but is once again a very good experience - especially with a friend. All in all, May saw more than 60 releases across all platforms as far as our Database Master was able to find them. So take a look below not just at the AAA-stuff you may have missed but also the indie gems vying for your attention.

And our database? Well it seems like our Database Master always hits the triple digits with all those additions of new and old titles. In May, the database saw an increase of another 115 entries. And no, there is no end in sight. As long as videogames exist and people have friends, there will always be something new to add!

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