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Arcade1Up Announces New Capcom Legacy Arcade Cabinets Filled with Co-op Goodness
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Arcade1Up Announces New Capcom Legacy Arcade Cabinets Filled with Co-op Goodness

Get a great assortment of co-op beat 'em ups and shmups on one arcade cabinet.

The June E3 season came and went without Arcade1Up making any big home arcade cabinet announcements. Arcade1Up kicked offer July with a bang, though, first launching its long-promised Dragon's Lair cabinet, and now announcing three new machines. Today, two new Capcom Legacy cabinets have gone up for preorder that feature Captain Commando and plenty more co-op arcade classics, and a third cabinet features Ms. Pac-Man and other Namco titles.

Both of the new Capcom Legacy arcade cabinets feature side panel artwork by artist Joe Ng of Udon Entertainment. The Yoga Flame Edition has marquee, bexel, and control panel artwork themed after Street Fighter II Turbo. The Shinku Hadoken Edition, meanwhile, has marquee, bexel, and control panel artwork themed after Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Both designs are gorgeous in our estimation, with some of the best side panel artwork of any Arcade1Up cabinet so far.

Battle Circuit (Capcom Arcade Stadium)

Battle Circuit (Capcom Arcade Stadium)

The new Capcom Legacy cabinets include the following lineups. Co-op titles appear in bold:

  1. Armored Warriors
  2. Battle Circuit
  3. Capcom Sports Club
  4. Captain Commando
  5. Final Fight
  6. Giga Wing
  7. King of Dragons
  8. Progear
  9. Saturday Night Slam Masters
  10. Strider
  11. Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
  12. Street Fighter II Turbo
  13. Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  14. Super Puzzle Fighter

That's a stellar assortment with more than half of the games featuring cooperative multiplayer! The list originally contained the first Street Fighter, but it turns out that Strider is included instead. That's good because Strider is a great platformer, and nobody in this cruel world of ours plays the original Street Fighter for fun.

For those counting genre titles, this lineup contains five beat 'em ups, four-ish fighting games (depending on how you categorize Slam Masters), two shoot 'em ups, one action platformer, one sports game (which actually consists of basketball, soccer, and tennis), and one puzzle game. On consoles and PC, some of these games will be available in the upcoming Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium collection.

Captain Commando (Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle)

Captain Commando (Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle)

Other features of the Capcom Legacy Arcade1Up cabinets include online multiplayer for each title, online leaderboards, built-in Wi-Fi, light-up marquees, custom risers, and 17-inch screens.

Arcade1Up also announced the Bandai Namco Legacy Ms. Pac-Man Edition cabinet, which offers online leaderboards and a fair lineup of 14 games. Notably absent from the cabinet is Galaga 88, a stellar shoot 'em up that has been included on a few other Bandai Namco-themed cabinets.

Capcom Legacy and Bandai Namco Legacy Arcade1Up cabinet control panels

All three cabinets can be preordered for $499 each and are expected to ship in August. Arcade1Up offers the Capcom Legacy Yoga Flame Edition cabinet and the Bandai Namco Legacy Ms. Pac-Man Edition cabinet directly. The Capcom Legacy Shinku Hadoken Edition can be preordered from ShopHippo.