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Hop online and throw go-karts at evil clowns who totally deserve it.

Classic Brawler 'The Combatribes' Gets Online Co-op on iiRcade

Beat 'em ups have always been perfect games for co-op play. It all started with the 1987 arcade release of Double Dragon, a game that popularized co-op in a big way. Technos would go on to release The Combatribes, another quality beat 'em up that never made it quite as big as its forebear. Fast-forwarding to today, the iiRcade version of The Combatribes now supports 2-player online co-op! iiRcade is a home arcade platform for which users can buy individual games, a growing number of which feature online multiplayer.

by Jason Love 0
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Lizardmen, devils, and Nazis, oh my! Oh yeah, and the SNES Classic

New Co-Op Game Releases - September 26 Edition

We're coming to the close of September, which means Fall is officially kicking off. Next month is the appropriate time to start putting up Halloween decorations AND NOT THE BEGINNING OF AUGUST, CONVENIENCE STORES!!! Anyways, there are a handful of co-op title releases this week, like Cuphead and Total War: WARHAMMER 2, as well as the arrival of the SNES Classic and the final DLC for Nioh.

by Sam Tyler 0
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Reveal your secrets to us all please!

The Switch has a Secret of Mana (but so far only in Japan)

There are defining moments in any co-op player's life and one of those for this humble writer is the awesome Super Nintendo game Secret of Mana.  Imagine taking the best Final Fantasy games from the 16 bit era, splicing in a good amount of A Link to the Past and then adding 3 player co-op!  Now Nintendo Switch players can relive my joy, but so far only those from Japan.

by Danny Cowan 0
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Watch out, Randos.

Co-Op Video Walkthrough: Rival Turf!

Beat-'em-ups ruled arcades in the early '90s, and unfortunately, the 16-bit Super NES was incapable of bringing the arcade experience home at launch. Capcom's Final Fight hit the SNES in 1991 with a large chunk of its arcade content removed, and worst of all, it lost its two-player co-op mode - a key feature that drove the genre's rising popularity.

by Marc Allie 3
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Co-Op Classics: Donkey Kong Country

A few years ago, a neighbor offered my wife a Super Nintendo with five games, all for $25, before it went into their garage sale. My wife nabbed it, and I was a happy classic gamer that entire day. One of the games in that lot, Donkey Kong Country, was easily worth that price by itself.

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