Aquatic Shoot 'em Up 'After Wave: Downfall' Sails for Consoles in August
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Aquatic Shoot 'em Up 'After Wave: Downfall' Sails for Consoles in August

To stop those alien invaders, we're going to need a bigger boat.

Alien invaders called the Deathrix attack Earth and cause a huge flood. The only way to fight back is to hop into battleships and hit the sea in Afterwave: Downfall, the upcoming post-apocalyptic shoot 'em up from 7 Raven Studios. The game features a unique angled viewpoint and playable ships moving across the swollen ocean, not to mention 2-player local co-op. It hits the water on Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation during the first week of August.

After Wave Downfall

Afterwave: Downfall features:

  • 3D cartoon style graphics with stunning effects.
  • Join your friends on an adventure in a local Co-op mode.
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • 10 stages to overcome with many brutal bosses.
  • Upgrade your battleship systems to develop different playing skills.
  • Six battleships to choose from with different abilities.
  • Extra mode allows playing in multiple ways.
  • Many achievements within the game to unlock.

Afterwave: Downfall will sell for $14.99 on Xbox on August 3, Switch on August 4, and PlayStation on August 5. Preorder now on Xbox or Switch to get a discount on the price. It's a shame there's no Steam version announced, but we're still looking forward to hitting the waves on consoles!