• Online Co-Op: 16 Players
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Submarine Horror Game 'Barotrauma' Fully Launches on Steam
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Submarine Horror Game 'Barotrauma' Fully Launches on Steam

Enter the dark depths of despair with friends in this co-op submarine simulation.


It's always good to see a game graduate from early access and join the ranks of fully-released games. Barotrauma, the 2D submarine simulator from Daedelic Entertainment, first appeared as a Steam Early Access game way back in 2019. After several years of updates, Barotrauma has emerged from Early Access and become a full Steam game. This one allows up to 16 online players to pilot a submarine together while dealing with monstrous sea creatures and other threats.

Barotrauma features:

Play with up to 16 players on board a submarine. Supplement your player count with bots as needed in either singleplayer or multiplayer game modes.

6 player classes with different skills and tasks: Captain, Engineer, Mechanic, Medic, Security officer and Assistant.

Talent system: Gain experience and unlock talents to improve your character. Each class has three specialization talent trees to customize your playstyle.

Faction and reputation mechanics: Choose who to ally with, help their cause, reap the benefits or suffer the consequences.

Procedurally generated world and missions with multiple game modes for virtually endless replayability.

Comprehensive crafting system: gather materials, craft equipment, weapons, medicines and more to help your crew survive on Europa.

Built-in Submarine, Character and Procedural Animation editors. Share and discover mods directly via Steam Workshop.


Based on Steam reviews, it seems that Barotrauma is overly challenging in single-player but quite enjoyable in co-op. The gameplay looks a bit too complex for busy old me, but I love its concept and feature set.

Barotrauma costs $34.99 on Steam. Buy it during launch week for a 25 percent discount. Will you be able to navigate this game's dark waters without getting barotraumatized?